Shalom! Welcome to the website of Shalom Cooperative!

Are you looking for a housing co-operative to join in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area?

Shalom is a member managed and democratically operated community that is targeted to provide well maintained affordable housing for its members.  As a member of the co-op you are a co-owner and not a tenant.  This means there is no landlord, and the members all have a vote in decisions that affects the co-op.

The co-op is administered by a board of directors who are elected by the membership. Each member through their ongoing participation assists in the day to day functioning of the co-op.   This type of involvement helps to keep housing charges (rent) as affordable as possible, as the co-op only charges members enough to cover operational costs and reserves for capital repairs.

We are located at 200 Elm Ridge Drive in the west end of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, which is a safe and friendly community that boasts a location of unrivalled conveniences for people of all ages and walks of life.   We offer 38 three bedroom family size townhouse units, and 2 two bedroom accessible units.

If you choose to live at Shalom Community Co-operative you will be:

  • A voting member who contributes to the governance of the co‑op
  • A part of a community where neighbours look out for one another
  • A part of a community that will stay affordable because it’s ran on a non-profit basis.

If you are interested in being a member at Shalom Community Co-operative, or you would like to learn more about our co-op, feel free to browse this website by clicking the links above, which will provide you with information on our coop, the local area and links to other co-operative associations and local municipal websites.