Shalom! Welcome to the website of Shalom Cooperative!

Are you looking for a housing cooperative to join in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area?

Our cooperative is member managed, democratically operated community located at 200 Elm Ridge Drive in the west end of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. We offer family sized dwellings in a safe and friendly community that boasts a location of unrivaled convenience for people of all ages and walks of life.

Constructed in 1990, our cooperative is a townhouse style complex with 40 units of housing. Thirty-eight three-bedroom units as well as two wheelchair accessible units for people with special requirements.

A housing cooperative is unique from all other forms of residence in its structure, operation and legal status. A coop is a legal corporate entity formed for the purpose of providing housing to its members on a continuing basis. In a housing coop there is no one owner or landlord. A cooperative is operated and maintained by the members through democratic participation and group efforts.

If you are a prospective applicant or you would like to learn more about Shalom feel free to browse this website by clicking the links above. This website will provide you with information on our coop, the local area and links to local municipal websites for those of you unfamiliar with the tri-city area.