Member Participation

All members of the cooperative community are required to contribute their time and effort to the functioning and maintenance of the coop. Member participation is decided by the member and most choose to contribute in a manner that makes the best use of their expertise and experience.

All members are responsible for the maintenance of their yards and adjacent common areas but it takes more then just some grass trimming to make a large scale townhouse complex prosper. We are our own landlords and with that freedom comes responsibility. There is a wide variety of committies that work to insure the functioning of the cooperative. If you are concerned that you don’t have any experience that would be valuable to the community then don’t worry! Serving as a member of a committe is a great way to learn new skills and can be a rewarding experience in itself.

  • A few examples of committies are…
  • Finance Committie
  • Social Committie
  • Maintainance Committie
  • Move In / Move Out Committie
  • Member Selection Committie
  • Inspection Committie