Local Amenities


Within a 5 min walk of Shalom

  • Kitchener Public Library
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
Highland Hills Shopping Center
Superstore Supermarket
TD Canada Trust
  • Bank of Montreal
Forest Heights Community Center
A major Grand River Transit bus hub
  • Forest Heights High School
Extensive network of multiuse trails
  • 4 Public Tennis Courts
  • A baseball diamond
  • 4 sports fields
  • 400 meter running track
Women’s Good Life Gym

Within a 5 min drive of Shalom

  • Meadow Lane Public School
Sunrise Shopping Center
  • 2 additional grocery stores
  • Judo Center
  • Access to the Conestoga Parkway
  • 3 Tim Hortons (one in all direction of work)
Health Clinic

Place of Special Interest

  • Monarch Woods, one of the nicest parks Kitchener has to offer. 1 km north along Fisher-Hallman


Co-operative Associations:

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation (COCHF)
Ontario Co-op (On Coop)
Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA)
International Co-op Alliance (ICA)
Ontario Student Co-op Association (OSCA)
The .coop Registry
Rooftops Canada International
Grand River CarShare


The Tri-City Area – Official Municipal Websites

City of Cambridge
City of Kitchener
City of Waterloo